My first Powered by Me ride

…well, technically not, but in this post I’m writing about my first big Powered by Me ride that I feel deserves some attention!

Today, it’s less than 9 hours until my year-long Powered by Me adventure officially begins.

As I sit here sipping prosecco I am quietly terrified. Tonight, I will cycle from home to Hackney to meet some friends at The Old Ship to celebrate new years. In the early hours of 1 January 2017, I’ll then make my way home on my fist ever Powered by Me journey – and on of a few thousand I should imagine during 2017.

But I’m not going to be talking that journey, because tomorrow, on 1 January I am cycling to Loughton and back to go to a best friends engagement party. I heard this news only yesterday, so have not had much time to prepare for it, but I guess I’ll have to get used to having to go somewhere last minute and figure out how to get there Powered by Me and I am thrilled for my friend and looking forward to toasting with her and her fiance tomorrow!

1 January 2017 – my first big Powered by Me ride

So, home to Loughton looks to be around 12 miles. Trouble is, my bike isn’t ready yet (got a lovely new bike for Christmas thanks to my husband) as the pedals are for clip in shoes and I’ve never used those before, nor do I even have the shoes! It’s OK as I can ride my old bike which I am lucky to still have as a backup, phew.

Another hurdle will be a) that it’s new years day and I’ll most likely be very very hungover and b) the weather doesn’t look pretty tomorrow. OK though as I have bought a lot of new wet weather gear in the boxing day sales thankfully!


CityMapper says it’ll take me 101 minutes and I’ll burn just over 400 calories – doesn’t sound like much for over 100 minutes of cycling, but I’ll still take it!

So, wish me luck and if you’re feeling generous, please give what you can towards Hand in Hand Syria, my first charity I’m fundraising for during my Powered by Me Journey. Don’t worry, if you’re not able to give anything now, I’ll be raising money for a different charity each month.



Wish me luck!

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