Month 1, 11 to go

Wow. Now that was tough! I can’t quite believe I have completed all of January Powered by Me. Some days flew by, others felt like they were never going to end. I am so thankful for all the encouragement and support so far. From generous donations, right through to sharing my adventure with colleagues, friends and family.

So now that my first full month is over, I reflect on my total stats and also some of the best and worst bits.

Total stats for January Powered by Me

295 km cycled

132.7 km walked

427.7 km total distance

38.27 hours outdoors

£697 raised for Hand in Hand for Syria

With this money raised, Hand in Hand for Syria are able to buy 30 blood bags for a blood bank, external fixators to stabilise serious bone injuries, feed 2 families of 5 for 2 weeks, prescribe a month’s worth of formula milk for 4 infants and 6 thick winter blankets. All of these vital pieces of equipment, food and clothing will help Syrian refugees and others caught up in the violent conflict the chance of survival during winter. 

Huge thanks to all my donors; Victoria Winder, Nathan Wright, Chris Morrison, Helen and Alex, Chia Yeoh, Radha Balani, Adelle Leonce, Sarah Impey, Mandy Barton, Vanessa Chang, Rachael Harten, Sarb Ram, Sian O’Donnell, Bev Stones, Ed Hulme, Lois Deeny, Laura Nixey, Barry Kelly, Mike and Gill Cameron, Matt Williams, Hannah Warburton, Ben O’Mara, Claire Sweeney, Peter Fitzboydon, Angus Robertson, Chris Scott, Emma Butterworth, Ellie Chapman, Richard Croker, Maddy Wood and Jemima Jones.  

Month 1 – the best and worst bits

Day 1, 2 and 3 was a bit of a blur. I was excited to have started the journey, but was also terrified of the unknown. A few more days in and I was getting into the swing of it. The novelty then started to wear off a few weeks in and was replaced again with fear and consecutive days of tiredness. I seemed to be getting used to the cold and then the next chilled to my bones. In summary, month 1 has been a whirlwind of ups and downs. Here’s the best and the worst bits I remember!

The worst bits

Day 1 – cycling 50 km with a hangover in the pouring rain.

Day 3 – potential frost-bite 40 minutes into a ride, with a further 4 hours and 20 minutes covered on my bike in total the same day.

Day 11 – getting my phone stolen…BIG SAD FACE.

The best bits

Most days – hearing my friends and colleagues complaining about strikes on the tube, delays on the bus or train and feeling very smug – I’m in control of every journey!

Day 3 – filming a poem with Doc Brown wrote for our London Sport Awards – watch it here.

Day 13 – turning 32 and having the day off work. I had brunch, went to the hairdressers, went to the Maps and the 20th Century at the British Library and had drinks with friends.

Day 15 – celebrated my first wedding anniversary, we went out for dinner and to see Dead Funny at the Vaudeville Theatre.

Day 16 – getting my first every Monkey Lights, I can’t wait to get some film clips done to show them off.

Day 17 – my Powered by Me brand was created and in action, thanks to the talented Louise McGuire.

Day 19 – had a fantastic London Sport Awards at indigo at The O2 with over 500 people. Riding home through Greenwich after was wonderful, passing the Cutty Sark without a tourist in sight – wonderful.

Thankfully there are many more best bits than worst bits for month 1. Now I have the first month under my belt, I hope to go into February stronger and more prepared. I know it won’t be easy, but each time someone donates, or sends me words of encouragement, I’ll be motivated to keep on going.

Inspired by my story? Why not connect with me on my social channels below and donate towards my chosen charity for month 2 – City Harvest London on my Just Giving page here, or text PMBE72 to 70070 to donate just £5 to help this charity use surplus food to feed the hungry in London.




  1. […] had a big smile on my face during this ride. Not only had I completed my first Powered by Me month, read about it here, I was also using my Monkey Light on my back wheel, which seriously helped when cycling through […]


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