Week 15: Does this serve me?

15 weeks using only human powered transport complete, 37 weeks to go. This week I’ve mostly been very busy at work on our #LDNMovesMe campaign, had some time off sick and have been trying to make more sense of my Powered by Me adventure.

This month, I am fundraising for the mental health charity Mind who do fantastic work to ensure those experiencing a mental health problem get support and respect. Please support Mind in any way you can, via my Just Giving page here, or text PBME94 to 70070 to give a suggested donation of £10. 

Powered by Me – making sense of it all

I’m now just over 3 months into my year-long human powered transport challenge – Powered by Me, which seems like the perfect time to reassess it all.

Does it serve me?
Is it making sense?
Is it possible? 
Am I being myself?
Is the brand aligned to my goals?

Right now, I believe I can make it to the end of 2017, only using my body as my mode of transport. I am feeling stronger, more confident and better able and genuinely excited for what’s to come.

It’s making sense, to me and to others, clearly shown in those who took part in their own Powered by Me week 3 – 9 April. The concept is simple and easy to understand and can be applied to lots of different things; travel, learning, creating, sport and more.

The challenge is serving me as well as I’d hoped and more. It’s testing my limits physically and mentally. It’s pushing me to do more of what I love – writing, social media, photography and sport.

To start Powered by Me, I needed a brand and a concept, created by the great Louise Tanner, but what I hadn’t considered in great detail was the meaning behind the Powered by Me brand, but also my personal brand. Is Powered by Me really me? Am I being myself? Is it aligned to what I believe in, my personal values? After reading some advice from Shabz Choudary at the Blogger’s Lounge about creating your own personal brand, I decided to create my own Powered by Me mood boards, to find out if Powered by Me really was, and is me.

Powered by Me – what does it all mean?

To figure it all out, I started with myself. Why was I doing this? What does it mean? What do I believe in? I ended up with a few common characteristics, things I live by and things I am actively doing and seeking by doing Powered by Me.



Explore – where you live, what’s around you, what you’re capable of
Grow yourself – mentally and physically
Test your limits – find a way to achieve the things you want to 


Go explore – there’s a big world out there!


By doing this exercise it reaffirms why I am doing Powered by Me, but more importantly, why I created it in the first place. It’s my own personal challenge – something that fits into my current life, but also helps me to explore, test and grow myself. And at the end of the day, what do I have to lose? Nothing.

I also explored the values – of Powered by Me and my own personal brand values. Here are some of the key values.

Responsibilityawareness of my actions and doing my bit of caring for the environment
Couragebelieving I can do it and act like a warrior 
Commitmentto myself, my surroundings, and to the causes I fundraise for 


After this reflection, I am even more confident of my Powered by Me adventure. It stands for everything I stand for, it’s letting me explore, test myself and truly shows inside and out, my personal values, making me even more excited for what’s to come.

To date, I’ve travelled 2,219.57 km using human powered transport, mostly cycling, with a bit of walking and running thrown in for good measure, and raised £1,644 for different charitable causes. If you’re inspired by my journey, please donate below, or text PBME94 to 70070 to donate to Mind and follow my social channels to get the latest updates.


The sights you don’t see stuck on the underground

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