UK Blog Awards Finalist (twice)

Since 2014, the UK Blog Awards has showcased the best individual and company bloggers. With a whole range of categories from Digital and Technology, Lifestyle, Health and Social Care, through to Travel, it truly is a celebration of some of the best blog content out there right now.

Finalist for the Automotive & Green & Eco categories – vote for Powered by Me now

The Green and Eco category covers blogs that focus on issues like the environment, being green, planet saving, climate change, sustainability and more. Last year, Eco Fluffy Mama and WWF won this category for the individual and company category respectively.

Read more about Eco Fluffy Mama here
Read more about WWF UK Blog here

Powered by Me is a finalist for this category, among a whole range of other fantastic blogs, such as Dan Rouse Exploring Wildlife and Less-stuff. Click here to see all the individual blog finalists for the Green and Eco category here.

The Automotive category covers blogs that focus on cars, racing, mechanics, motor bikes and….eco and green transport believe it or not. Powered by Me is a finalist among blogs like Car Obsession and Cars and Life. It feels strange for me to be sitting alongside these gas emitting content so it makes me even more determined to win! Last years winner in this category was Carwitter, so please vote for me so a gas/fume-powered blog doesn’t win this year!


How does voting work?

So now Powered by Me is a finalist, how does it work? First there is a public vote until 22 December. Once the public vote ends, the top 8 individual and company blogs from each category is put forward to the judging panel.Β The awards are judged on design, style, content, marketing and usability.

So, all I am asking for you to do, is vote for Powered by Me in either the Automotive or Green and Eco category and do what you can to help spread the word!

Public vote closes on 22 December, so please vote now.



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