A year-long human-powered lifestyle adventure

I’m Mieke Stones, 32-year old female living and working in London and the creator of Powered by Me, a year-long lifestyle adventure where I am only using human-powered transport to get to wherever I need to go.

I blog, vlog and fundraise along the way, hoping to raise as much money for different causes and to inspire others to see active travel as a viable and sustainable way to get to places. Feeling charitable? Give to December’s charity Crisis here

My story so far is one of physical and mental endurance, trial and error, with some stupidity thrown in. But most of all my story is about doing what I can with what I have, doing my bit for the environment I live in, making better choices and growing my skills and experiences along the way.

EnvironmentPowered by Me Rules

The rules are simple. Easy to say, much harder to do.

To travel for a whole year using my body to bike, run or walk
Starts on 1 January 2017 and ends 31 December 2017
I’ll blog, vlog and share my journey with anyone who cares
Raise money for a different charity each month

Get involved

Every day I am powered by the kind words of support and generous donations that come with this challenge. Along the way, I have had some really tough journeys that have pushed my limits. Seeing donations pour in power me on to continue and make this lifestyle adventure even more rewarding.

I am always in need of words of encouragement, tips, ideas and am blown away by all the other altruists out there who turn sport or activity into doing good. Why not get involved yourself? Perhaps you’ve got your own story to tell, or a Powered by Me idea to share. I’d love to hear from you.

For me, this is just the beginning towards other lifestyle challenges and achievements so watch this space. Just get in touch via any of my channels below, or just follow to keep up to date with my latest human-powered journeys, thanks for reading.

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