What the…?

Ever since I can remember I loved to explore. To be outdoors. To test and challenge myself, my capabilities.

I grew up in the Garden of England, otherwise known as Kent, moving to the big smoke in my 20’s. Living in a city of nearly 9 million only increased my urge of escapism.

I escaped by competing in sports and quickly developed my love of endurance through running marathons. But every so often, this didn’t seem to be enough. This is where my Powered by Me concept was born.

What would you do if you were not afraid?

Our minds and bodies are tools. Muscles. Machines that can by learned and unlearned. They need challenges. Tests, in order to grow, develop, learn and sometimes break.

Let me ask you this.

When was the last time you were afraid?
Where you learnt something about yourself?
Something ground breaking? An AHA moment?

It took my many years of self reflection to realise myself that I hadn’t had that AHA moment in a while, so I decided to change.

So this is my challenge to myself. To learn, grow, become the best version of myself.

It’s called Powered by Me. It contains challenges that have already been and gone, like only travelling human-powered for a whole year and it’ll contain challenges that I am planning for the future.

I hope you find my personal adventure challenges interesting and inspiring, perhaps you’re even thinking of your own adventure as we speak.